Congratulations! You took the INCLUDICON Pledge and have promised to do your best to uphold the INCLUDICON ideals at your convention or event. You’ve earned the right to call yourself an official INCLUDICON and post INCLUDICON badges on your website and other media. Welcome to the family!

Feel free to nab any of these badges and post them wherever makes the most sense to you. Simply right click and choose “save image as…”. Link them back to so your visitors will understand the commitment you made to their safety, happiness, and community. You have our permission to resize or recolor them according to the design needs of your site.

INCLUDICON reserves the right to revoke your permission to use these images and the accompanying OFFICIAL INCLUDICON title if it is determined your convention did not sign the INCLUDICON Pledge or is not adhering or attempting to adhere to the ideals espoused therin.

If you haven’t taken the INCLUDICON Pledge you may do so here.